I'm sure that most of you have seen the movie 'Back to the Future'. In a few scenes, the high school principal, Mr. Strickland, just seems to love calling Marty, and a few others "slackers". Right now, that's what I feel like: I'm a slacker. Not only have I been slacking on this blog, but I haven't been hunting down tips, tricks, and gear for y'all! All I can ask is that you are patient with me while I get this Survival train on track. Take care, everyone. - DimShell
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Survival Tactics in Video Games?!

Hello again! Well, my weekend is about to draw to a close. I've been spending it with just my son, playing some Fallout 4. This game is very fun & addictive! I particularly find the combat in it very interesting. You have a multitude of weapons at your disposal, and though these are mostly made up of guns, there are also several melee choices. My preference are the rifles, but when the enemy is able to close in on you, it's nice to have a bladed weapon. In my case, I often stick with a bayoneted rifle, so I don't have to switch weapons when a sneak attack occurs. Of course, in real life, carrying around such a weapon is not practical; however, it would be helpful to have a…
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Greetings Survivalists!

Welcome! I'm still working on this site, but soon I will be making this into a portal for all things survival! I'll also be sharing survival tips I learn along the way. For now, I can offer you a piece of FREE survival gear; just follow the link below to get a hold of the last lighter you'll ever need to get those campfires going! Get the Everstryke Pro for FREE! Take care! - DimShell
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